Appreciating arts and culture in Hobart

Each country or city has its arts and culture which they are known for and Hobart is one of those cities. Hobart is the capital city of Tasmania which is the island state of Australia. This city uses to be a penal destination for convicts who were sentenced to hard labour for several years.  Today the city has transformed to a beautiful destination as it has embraced its past history and culture, it’s beautiful architectures have grown to be attractive sites and their arts and culture have grown to be an experience everyone appreciates. The several ways in which the arts and culture of the beautiful state of Hobart can be experienced include.

Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery

The Tasmanian Museum and Art gallery is the oldest public building in the city, it is also one of the most popular attractions of the city for both locals and foreigners. It is a great place for aboriginal people of Australia to take a one-stop visit and remember their convict heritage, art and natural history. At the building you can also see the display of the history of whaling and seafaring in the southern hemisphere, not forgetting details of the Tasmanian tiger which is now extinct. There are also several Tasmanian arts from colonial times to the present, the museum also has a heritage building which is called the settlement of secrets.

The Museum of Old and New Art (MONA)

Mona is a beautiful museum in Hobart which showcases the international treasures and contemporary arts in Hobart. It also where the Mofo and dark mofo festivals are hosted each year.


Mofo is a music and arts festival which is run by the Museum of Old and New Art (MONA) gallery of Hobart. The summer event takes place within 5 days on January, 3 of the days are concerts which are held throughout every space even on driveways. The concert was organized by Brian Ritchie who is the former Violent Femmes bass guitarist, this ensures that there’s always the presence of world-class artist during the festival. The festival is one that is impossible to forget and is appreciated by many both locals and foreigners.

Dark Mofo

Another way in which arts and culture of Hobart are appreciated is through the Dark Mofo festival.  The dark mofo is a winter arts festival that sees the city of Hobart transform into a subversive city with a wonderful experience. The festival runs in the month of June for two weeks, the festival sees the celebration of darkness, light and sound shows, a winter feast, public arts etc.  Since the festival is focused on celebrating darkness, the theme includes public burning of 10,000 fears which are written on paper by the festival attendants and the usage of gala custom balls at funeral homes.

Discover art in Tasmania

The festival of Voices

Another winter festival in Hobart is the festival of voices, Hobart’s Bonfire and Big sing bring in more warmth as an enormous fire is set in Salamanca Place for the community as they sing-along in Australia’s largest festival which is devoted to song and vocalists. The festival takes place in July where big international artists, workshop programs, and the celebrations of voice and song takes place. The beautiful festival provides the most beautiful memories for its attendants as they enjoy a sold out concert hall performance, vocal workshop and a symphony performance from great artists.

Luxury Accommodation

Discover some of the best hotels in Tasmania in Hobart. Many of the hotels are as artistic as the nearby galleries. Stroll the beautiful countryside, view the artworks in the hallways and experience incredible food sensations. Take an oyster farm tour and taste Tasmanian oysters for a unique experience or try a new dish at one of the many restaurants.

Hobart is a beautiful city where it’s arts and culture can be seen in almost every part of the city even where it is least expected. A city is a place where arts and culture define its importance in a city.  

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