Creative vs Controlled Companies

In recent years, a growing number of economic studies around the world have gone on to show the striking input of creative initiatives to economic growth, job creation and wealth creation. These companies that are involved in the process of generating, producing and distributing creative goods and services often make use of various forms of intellectual property. They have been established as an essential module of the economy, and the continued support and evolution of creative enterprises is now presented as part of the national economic evolution strategies of most countries. These firms are often engaged in the creation and exploitation of intellectual property-protected works, such as works of art, films, games or fashion designs, or in the provision of creative services between firms.

The vast potential development of business companies and initiatives seem to lie when it comes to making use of factors within the poor countries like natural resources and capital. Instead, the creativity and flair, resources with which all countries are generously endowed. Moreover, the potential of these industries goes beyond income generation. The boundaries between creative industries and other types of industry for example, a business coaching companies tend to disappear as technological advances allow for the creation of an ever-increasing variety of products and services, and creativity becomes an increasingly important investment into the production procedure of the normal industries and services. For example, digital technologies offer the possibility of infinite reproduction of creative products and their manipulation and recreation in alternative forms.

Examples of the fields of creative entrepreneurship include: craft products (such as clothing and accessories, interior and exterior decoration, household goods, gifts and stationery), visual arts (such as artistic crafts, painting, sculpture, photography, design and fashion), performing arts (such as dance, live music, theatre and circus), film and audiovisual media (such as film and video, recorded music, radio and webcasts), multimedia (such as digital arts, advertising, communication, education and entertainment), and books, literature and publishing. These content creating activities require much needed attention and detailing to its functioning because of which its open to different individual’s interpretation and behaviour. Creativity instills motivation for employees in the creative field to work and feel like a part of the company.

On the other hand, controlled, non-creative companies are quite common. They are in charge of well-known fields, such as engineering, medicine, finance, business, administration, science and other technical areas. It is important to clarify that there is nothing wrong with being in one type of company or another; both the creative and the controlled are part of society, are pieces of a huge puzzle that would not be complete if the other type of companies did not exist. Both types are necessary for the proper functioning of the world, of societies, and exist (or should exist) in both developed and developing countries.

However, one of the main differences between the two types of companies, as you might have imagined, are that creative companies require a great deal of imagination in order to have an impact on the market, because otherwise their products will go unnoticed and will not be consumed. Various business management consultants in the market distinguish between the two based on what the business owner wishes to achieve. It could be considered that creative companies are more unstable than the controlled ones, because they only have to follow rules, standards and calculations to be able to produce consumption by consumers, while the products of creative companies must be very creative, with a lot of imagination and innovation, in order to have an impact. There is no pre-determined answer of the perfect organisation. Your way of business conduct depends on your product or service, as well as how you choose to market it.

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