Is Digital Art Better Than Traditional Art?

There has been endless debate as to whether digital art is better than traditional art and vice versa. When looked at from the surface, both forms of art may seem to be almost the same, but that is never the case. A critical view of the two will give you some of the advantages and disadvantages of each form of art. Chronologically, traditional art is the oldest form of art and has been practised for centuries. It is also the form of art that many people have always taken part in. However, with the recent advancement of technology, comes digital art. And so far there seems to be a competition between the two. Many people find digital art to be better than traditional for the following reasons.

Digital Provides Easy Access to Materials

With digital art, all you need is a computer and digital software for you to turn your ideas into artistic pieces. Unlike traditional art, digital art does not require you to have a bag full of your favourite art equipment on you at all times. You can create whatever and whenever you want by simply using either a laptop or a smartphone that has the same capabilities. These nifty devices will save you the ongoing cost of purchasing drawing materials like canvas and other painting tools such as acrylic paint sets and paintbrushes.

Digital Art Gives Room for Correction

When producing art digitally, you can easily correct your mistakes without leaving a trace. With a single Ctrl+Z in Photoshop, you can erase any trace of that darn splotch you didn’t mean to put on to the canvas. Ctrl+Z gives you the opportunity to go back to your work’s previous states if you’re not happy with the way it is going. With this, you will be more productive as you can blend in different colours by using the available colour software used in computers. The use of such software may require basic training. It is therefore recommended that you take a few online art classes to get the best from this.

Easy Duplication

Recreating digital art can be super easy; this helps when dealing with a large number of clients. To showcase your accomplishments, all you have to do is make copies of the original piece of art. Then you can send the copies to potential customers as well, who may have an interest in buying your work. The duplication aspect can also come in handy in the event that you lose the original copy of a piece of art. If you have cloud storage, you can easily access another copy of the lost art. Traditional art is more suspect to damages and losses when shipped and handled by museum art display services.

Digital Art Allows Free Experimentation

One thing with digital art is that it is more open to experimentation. It allows you to try out new ideas without having to worry that you will run out of water paint. The canvas in digital art can also be painted over and over again so you can create items and delete them as you please. With this, you can put all your artistic ideas to test until you find one that best suits what you are trying to present. It’s not only allowing you to grow at a faster pace but will also focus your mind toward new artistic ideas.

A desktop and a display showing different crops of the same photograph in a room.

Easy Storage

Where we need precise art storage solutions for traditional art. Art that is produced digitally is very easy to store. This is because they are in the form of simple computer files that can be kept in digital folders. The folders will store as many files as you want, allowing you to keep track of your progress in the field of art. This will also give you easy access to the files whenever you may need them.

The smooth rendering of the digital format will always stay forever fresh for limitless viewings. At the same time, the rough, wild paints and installations of traditional art always seem to be breathing with a life of their own in a room. We have the capacity to appreciate both art forms in their uniqueness, for, without one, we cannot have the other.

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