Art Exhibition Display Trends

More and more people are visiting art exhibitions, and some are famous, well-known people with their pockets ready to buy something new. It is essential to have the latest exhibition display trends to ensure your exhibitions stands out from the rest.

You do not have to knock down walls and demolish everything in sight; you can make some small changes that have a significant impact on how your art is displayed. Follow these few tips to get your exhibition noticed:

Use technology

Most people are becoming addicted to technology. Keeping up with trends is essential no matter what industry you are in. Add some tech to your exhibition and a smart way to do that is by using technology to display your art. You can showcase your display through touch screens where consumers can interact with your display themselves. Another method you can use is by implementing some QR codes so data can be accessed in a more exciting novelty. People love interactivity which means they will be more encouraged with your display.

Digital displays mean you use technology to express your particular brand with some additional benefits. When you have a digital exhibition set-up, it enables you to be able to mix the data collection within your art. By gathering information from the people who attend means, you get a chance to impress them with successful museum displays.

Give off a homely feel

The exhibition stands are boring, outdated and have a more sterile cold feeling to them. Most attendees will agree that exhibition stands are not appealing to anyone. Make your stands feel more homely and welcoming. If your consumers feel homely and welcomed, it can help to keep attendees stay longer which gives you more time to generate conversations. Include some simple furniture among your display layout.

Provide a comfortable area for the attendees to get some space from the tradeshow where they can relax and ponder what you are trying to get out there. Ensure the layout is eco-friendly. Include furniture that makes it feel like a doctor’s surgery. Include natural wood pieces and a few pops of colour across the exhibition walls.

There will be attendees that are doctors that are looking for that wow factor to display in their dull and unwelcoming doctor’s office, who already have that feeling in mind that they are trying to hide.

Charging stations

Whether people are standing in line waiting to get in or just wandering around relaxing and enjoying the show. Most likely attendees will be on their phone. Some people want to call potential buyers about artwork or like to take pictures or whatever it may be, we all know phone batteries do not last as long as we would like. By providing charging stations means you will keep attendees there longer without needing to leave to charge their phones.

While someone is waiting for their phone to charge in the booth, this can be a valuable time to engage in a conversation and find out what they are looking for and promote your line without overdoing it. Charging stations will provide benefits for both you as the exhibitor as well as the consumer. You do not see many art exhibitions with charging docks so jump in first and wait for the consumers to flow in.


There is a lot of change at the moment in the art world, with the very nature of an art exhibition going through a period of flux. There has been an increasing shift towards integrating technology into all facets of life, playing into the broader trend towards redefining how a museum looks and what it represents over the last 60 years. Now, more than ever, the galleries and the exhibitions they contain are no longer about the mere presentation of works of art, but indeed have artistic value of their own right, providing a space which interacts with its contents to cater for and create an emotional impact to the patrons.

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